centre activities - Panchen Losang Chogyen, Vienna

The Panchen Losang Chogyen (PLC) Gelug Centre in Vienna belongs as a centre since 2003 to the FPMT family. It is a member of the Austrian Buddhist Union.

Apart from traditional teachings, focus is on the practical implementation of the Dharma in western everyday life. The centre offers detailed and profound instruction by authentic Tibetan and Western teachers, as well as group meditation.

Our programme:

Study programme: “Discovering Buddhism” Introduction to Buddhism with analytical meditations and lectures) in 14 modules – every Tuesday

Tara meditation – every Tuesday

Weekend seminars with Tibetan and Western teachers

Initiations in the context of visits by high Lamas

On Friday regularly: Pujas: Lama Choepa, Tara and Medicine Buddha

On Thursday regularly : Deity meditation (Shakyamuni Buddha, Chenresig, Vajrasattva, Medicine Buddha) and mindfulness meditation

Collective recitation of powerful Sutras

Animal lifesaving

Meditation retreats

Email: info@fpmt-plc.at
Website: http://www.fpmt-plc.at

Some photos of Panchen Losang Chogyen

Regional meeting and the new gompa

Puja on the roof of the National Museum